Saturday, June 24, 2006

Authors In Your Pocket Show - 06/25/06 - Emily Giffin, Baby Proof (Graphically Enhanced)

Featuring NYT bestselling author Emily Giffin with BABY PROOF. A witty, heartfelt story of what happens to the perfect couple when they unexpectedly find themselves at odds over the parenthood issue.

Emily Giffin has over 500,000 copies of her first two books in print. Not surprisingly, Giffins third novel, BABY PROOF is already being hyped as one of the biggest releases of the summer.

BABY PROOF focuses on Claudia Parr, a thirty five year old book editor whose marriage to Ben seems ideal in almost every respect, particularly in their shared desire for a child free life together. Alls well until Ben suddenly changes his mind and decides that he does want children after all. This fundamental shift forces Claudia to reassess what is truly important to her and determine what she is willing to sacrifice in order to preserve the life she wants.

The novel explores whether there is such a thing as a deal-breaker when it comes to true love.

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