Saturday, July 08, 2006

Authors In Your Pocket Show - 07/09/06 - James Rollins, Black Order (Graphically Enhanced)

Featuring James Rollins, the NYT bestselling author of BLACK ORDER. In which he proposes an alternative to the hot button controversy between proponents of intelligent design and evolution. Rollins helps readers explores scientific and religious claims to the origin of life and challenges readers to formulate their own conclusions, while setting forth a provocative and open ended theory of his own.

BLACK ORDER is a complex and compelling novel that intertwines three simultaneous storylines, one set in the Himalayas, one that races from the modern streets of Copenhagen to ancient German strongholds, and one that roams the wild expanses of a South African nature preserve. The plot lines converge through a series of cryptic runes, arcane Nazi philosophies, the creation of a master race through gene altering experiments, and the search for the origins of life.

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