Sunday, September 10, 2006

Authors In Your Pocket Show - 09/10/06 - Lisa Jackson, Nancy Bush and Roz Bailey (Graphically Enhanced)

Three authors and a pug tour. Nancy Bush, Lisa Jackson, Roz Bailey and The Binkster.

Featuring Nationally Bestselling Author Nancy Bushs ELECTRIC BLUE and CANCY APPLE RED, Number One New York Times Bestselling Author Lisa Jackons SHIVER, and Nationally Bestselling Author Roz Baileys POSTCARDS FROM LAST SUMMER.

Nancy Bushs first Jane Kelly Mystery novel, Candy Apple Red, introduced readers to the whip smart, wickedly funny sleuth and her pug, The Binkster. This fall, Nancy Bush is back, along with Jane Kelly and the Binkster, in Electric Blue.

Shiver is Lisa Jacksons first original hard back novel. The story centers around Detective Reuben Montoya of the New Orleans Police Department who first appeared in HOT BLOODED and then in subsequent novels, COLD BLOODED and THE NIGHT BEFORE. Lisas fans have been clamoring for his story and finally, with Abby Chastain, Lisa found a heroine who could go toe to toe with Montoya.

In Postcards from Last Summer, Bailey follows the lives and loves of three girlfriends..Darcy Love, Tara Washington, and Lindsay they reconnect in the Hamptons for cold margaritas, hot hookups, and plenty of drama. From friendship to freedom to sex..and everything in between..Darcy, Tara, and Lindsay will make this and every summer unforgettable as they pick up the right guys, the wrong guys, the tab, and, always, each other.

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