Thursday, November 16, 2006

Authors In Your Pocket Show 11/16/06 Jon Katz, A Good Dog (Graphically Enhanced)

Featuring Jon Katz, the best-selling author of A GOOD DOG: THE STORY OF ORSON, WHO CHANGED MY LIFE, telling the story of his lifetime dog, Orson... a beautiful border collie...who is intense, smart, crazy, and unforgettable...

From the moment Katz and Orson meet, when the dog springs from his traveling crate at Newark airport and panics the baggage claim area, their relationship is deep, stormy, and loving. At two years old, Katz’s new companion is a great herder of school buses, a scholar of refrigerators, but a dud at herding sheep. Everything Katz attempts–obedience training, herding instruction, a new name, acupuncture, herb and alternative therapies–helps a little but not enough, and not for long.

While Katz is trying to help his dog, Orson is helping him, shepherding him toward a new life on a two-hundred-year-old hillside farm in upstate New York. There, aided by good neighbors and a tolerant wife, hip-deep in sheep, chickens, donkeys, and more dogs, the man and his canine companion explore meadows, woods, and even stars, wade through snow, bask by a roaring wood stove, and struggle to keep faith with each other. There, with deep love, each embraces his unfolding destiny.

A GOOD DOG is a book to savor... Just as Orson was the author’s lifetime dog, his story is a lifetime treasure...poignant, timeless, and powerful...

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