Friday, March 30, 2007

Authors In Your Pocket Show 03/29/07 Brittney Holmes, Living Consequences (Graphically Enhanced Video)

VIDEO POD-EXCERPT!--Urban Christian author Brittney Holmes with LIVING CONSEQUENCES--
Nevaeh Madison seems to live the epitome of the perfect life. She’s the captain of the Varsity cheerleading squad and a straight “A” student with a near-perfect boyfriend, Ronald. Sexual intimacy had never been an issue between them, but when their relationship is put to the test, Nevaeh’s faith is shaken. Nevaeh’s best friend, Shimone, tries to be the shoulder her friend needs while struggling with finding herself pregnant at the age of eighteen. She knows that the hardest part will be telling her mother and her boyfriend, Marques, who has a reputation for being unfaithful. Losing her mother at age two and then being neglected by her father causes Sierra Monroe to find comfort and pleasure in the wrong places. After giving herself to so many men, she finds that her actions have major consequences. As these characters go through very different dilemmas, they will learn life long lessons and soon find that only God’s love and forgiveness can carry them through the hard times.

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