Sunday, April 01, 2007

Authors In Your Pocket Show 03/31/07 Hank Stewart, 3:57 A.M. Timing Is Everything (Graphically Enhanced Video)

VIDEO POD-EXCERPT!--Highly acclaimed poet and Urban Christian author Hank Stewart with 3:57 A.M. TIMING IS EVERYTHING--
Essie Mae Richardson is an elderly, wise, and church-going soul. She lives alone, but spends most of her time worrying about those around her. Using God's guidance and wisdom, Essie keeps an eye on things happening around her and when the time is right, reaches out to those who don't even know they need her. Mason and Elaine Demps are going through the motions of marriage. Elaine's need for more than financial support from her husband overwhelms her after she meets a handsome mechanic who shows an interest in her. Colin and Angel Stephens are happily married and expecting their first child, yet one careless mistake changes the tone of their marriage and possibly the outcome of Angel's pregnancy. Jennifer Mays is a single mother to Jerrod, her teenage son who she simply doesn't understand. Jerrod is holding on to past hurts that will send him to his destruction if they aren't resolved. Quite innocently, Ms. Essie touches each family in her own special way. Co-written with Kendra Norman Bellamy.

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