Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Authors In Your Pocket Show 06/13/07, Kathy J. Marsh, Aura of Love, (Graphically Enhanced Video Pod Excerpt)

In Kathy J. Marsh's AURA OF LOVE an introduction made…a new love born…society, families, and friends against it... A new power appears…a secret told…a culprit revealed... Will love survive? Will they survive?... As Remy struggles to come to grips with her feelings for Jace, an Auralite of a different coven, she has no idea that “one of their own kind” is revealing their existence, in a succession of dreams, to a world-renowned journalist. The hunt is on to find the culprit once the journalist reveals the dreams as a series of fictional accounts in a national magazine. Just as Remy starts to accept Jace, the guilty party is revealed to be someone they both know and love. They are now compelled to find the journalist before their ruling body, The Council, does…or the results will be disastrous. Does the hunt strengthen them, hurt them, or rip them apart?


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